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Five fun office party ideas for summer

While many companies experience a decrease in productivity during the summer months, there are many ways to combat this situation. If your employees are competitive and they have a hard time dealing with low profit, you can help them by organizing summer parties.

Summer office parties are an excellent opportunity for your staff to get connected and an effective method to build their self-esteem. In this way, you are showing them they are an essential part of your business.

So, if you don’t know where to start, then here are a couple of ideas that will help you plan a fantastic summer office party.

Scavenger hunt

We all need some time outside. A lot of people feel trapped behind their computers and office desks. But, if you have a hard-working staff, then it’s time to help them relax a bit. Break your company into teams and send them on a scavenger hunt.

This action can take place anywhere, your office, building or around the neighborhood. Think of the exciting ways people will have to gather all the items from the list and ask them to provide pictures after completing each task.

Filed Day

In this case, your options are limitless; you can organize a kickball, ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball, volleyball, or something your employees will find appealing. Regardless of the activity you choose, make sure it’s followed by a BBQ.

We guarantee that people working with you will have a lot of fun. In this case, you want to achieve a non-work related interaction among your staff, which will help them bond even further.

Mini golf

Enjoy a sunny afternoon and transport your employees back into their childhood days with a session of mini golf. You can reach out to a local food truck and provide your staff with refreshment and food. After you finish with the mini golf, you can hand out on mini golf course’s parking lot and enjoy food and drinks.

Your employees will be delighted with the local cousin and a great practice they experienced that day.

Summertime picnic

There is no better way to relax than spend a day in nature, breathing the fresh air and soaking the sun rays. We often spend a lot of time in our offices and don’t have an opportunity to experience nature in its real sense.

So, give your employees something to look forward. Check with your local park department about renting space at a nearby park. Bring a lot of food with you or hire a caterer service. Ask your staff to bring their favorite outdoor games, such as badminton or Frisbee golf.

Summer-themed parties

Luas, clambakes, and fiestas are excellent summer-themed party ideas. If your employees prefer food and beverages more than some outdoor activity, then they will love this concept. There are a lot of customized shops which sell themed party supplies, and you can serve food and drinks that complement the theme.

In this way, you are taking your staff for a mini-vacation for a few hours.

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